About Process Clarity

Process Clarity is an engineering consultancy specializing in the application of Dynamic Process Simulation. Process Clarity engineering staff have an average 9 years’ experience building powerful and insightful simulation tools for process design, operations optimization, waste minimization, operator training and cost of production analysis. Our staff are global leaders in the creation of dynamic process simulations and we integrate these skills seamlessly with in-house engineering teams in the pulp & paper, energy, water & wastewater, food & dairy and minerals industries, as well as adding capability as sub-contractors to the project teams of larger engineering firms.

Process Clarity stands ready to use Dynamic Process Simulation to support your process engineering efforts to add value to existing or proposed projects.


Leon Ryan

Energy Manager - Corporate

Murray Goulburn Co-operative (Victoria, Australia)

Process Clarity came to my attention as providers of complex process modeling. I was looking for a way to model a series of dairy food manufacturing and processing plants, including all of the inputs and outputs, to get a clearer and more accurate understanding of the costs of production, and leading eventually to a knowledge of the carbon footprint of the individual products.
Process Clarity worked with me and others within Murray Goulburn. Their immediate grasp of previously unknown processes was very impressive and their ability to pose the unforeseen and appropriate question made their contribution invaluable. The insights that followed on from the simulation projects were of high value and are ongoing, as well as establishing a methodology that is still in use.
I wish them every success and commend them to whomever is fortunate enough to avail themselves of Process Clarity services.

Campbell Evans

Site Process Engineer

Murray Goulburn Co-operative (Victoria, Australia)

We have used the services of Process Clarity on multiple occasions over the last 5 years, their services have been sought during the design phase of some of our most challenging projects.
We employed design methodology based around dynamic process modeling to simulate and better understand both the complexity and cost of our new processes. This enabled us to progress the design with certainty by validating process concepts for physical performance and overall cost.
Process Clarity staff grasped our unique challenges quickly and were able to add value to the project and positively challenge and engage with us to improve the final outcome. I recommend them as a professional partner.